Worcester Woods Country Park
Worcester Woods Country Park

Worcester Woods Country Park is a countryside park in Worcester, Worcestershire, England.

The groun on which the park is positioned was a middle ages farm. After the Black Death there was inadequate work to handle the entire location. The land now making up Nunnery Wood was deserted and the earliest trees date to this time period, the woods were initially owned by the nuns of White Ladies Aston.

Hornhill Meadow went on to be cultivated and became part of the Hornhill Farm in the 1700s. In 1979 Nunnery Wood was bought by Worcestershire County Council and in 1990 the meadow was obtained.

The park is surrounded by Worcestershire Royal Hospital, Nunnery Wood Sports Complex, consisting of a sports arena, and Worcester Sixth Form College.

There is a visitor centre with a coffee shop and toilets, a barbecue and picnic place, a kids’s play area, an orchard, walking tracks, an adventure play area, a pond and Worcester Parkrun occurs every single Saturday.

There are 2 regional nature reserves, Nunnery Wood and Hornhill Meadow.

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