Worcester City Art Gallery and Museum
Worcester City Art Gallery and Museum

Worcester City Art Gallery and Museum is an art gallery and local area museum in Worcester, the county town of Worcestershire, England.

The gallery contains a variety of works by Henry Harris Lines.
The museum was opened in 1833 by members of the Worcestershire Nature Society. It lies in a Victorian structure in central Worcester, that was established in 1896.

The Worcestershire Regiment Museum collection transferred from Norton Barracks to the Worcester City Art Gallery & Museum in 1970.

The gallery has a program of present-day art and craft exhibits. The exhibition consists of the commercial history of Worcester, regional geology, nature, as well as 19th- and 20th-century paints, printings, and pictures. The Worcester Soldier galleries show the lists of the Worcestershire Regiment and the Queen’s Own Worcestershire Hussars.

Worcester City Art Gallery and Museum is placed in a stylish Victorian structure in the center of Worcester. The attractive interior is a pleasant and welcoming location, with a little something for everyone to appreciate.

The museum gallery has great deals of fantastic things to see featuring dinosaur footprints, Worcestershire Sauce archive and a lot more exciting items from a legitimate Roman mosaic to a Native American totem pole.

Worcester City Art Gallery and Museum showcases an incredible variety of items connected to the City of Worcester and its background.

The museum has numerous tourist attractions such as the Chemist Store, the magnificent Sturgeon, Sabrina and obviously Albert the Albatross.

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