Why Does My Toilet Smell Like Sewer Gas?

Why Does My Toilet Smell Like Sewer Gas?

Is there a strange smell coming from your bathroom? If so, you may be wondering: “Why does my toilet smell like sewer gas?”.

Well, this smell does not necessarily indicate that the smell is coming from your toilet. These awful smells could also be coming from the other things you have in your bathroom, from your sink, washing machine, and even the water itself.

The common causes of sewer smell in your bathroom may be from any of the following:

· Broken seal in the toilet

· A burst pipe

· Tree’s roots could have damaged your sewer pipes

· The sewer could have been collapsed or deformed

Below are the steps you can take depending on where the smell is coming from.

If the Odour is from the Toilet…

There might be an improperly installed or cut vent pipe. The vent pipe is the device responsible for regulating the air pressure in your plumbing. These pipes redirect the odours to outside of the house so that do not permeate in the house’s atmosphere. If installed improperly, the odours will be retained in your bathroom. You would need to call a plumber to fix this issue. A professional plumber can diagnose this problem quickly and can reinstall a new pipe for you immediately.

Another cause of these foul odors could be from a toilet’s broken or loose seal. If these seals are loose or broken, sewer gases will enter your bathroom. Sometimes, the water that could be leaking there could pool around your toilet and attract bacteria, causing the foul smell. The toilet itself could also be broken or damaged. The only solution for this is to call a professional plumber.

If the Odour is from the Sink…

Check the sink’s overflow mechanism if you notice that the smell is coming from the sink. A buildup of grime could cause the sink to overflow. This is easily fixable through these simple steps:

· Remove debris from the overflow area using a small brush.

· Make a solution of mixed chlorine bleach and water.

· Use the brush to apply the solution to the overflow area. This could eliminate the odours.

If cleaning your sink does not make the smell go away, contact a professional plumber to fix the issue.

If the Odour is from the Water…

Your water heater could be the one causing the problem if you could notice the smell only if you are using hot water. Bacteria can thrive in your water heater if the temperature in it is so low or if it is turned off for a long period of time. However, the bacteria are not harmful to humans. It will produce a foul odor though, which can be revolting to sit through. If you think that there are bacteria in your space heater, increase the temperature of your heater for up to 24 hours. Use the hot water in the taps to flush the bacteria out.

If your water smells bad either hot or cold, then it is a completely different issue. This might be caused by hydrogen sulphide, which produces a strong, sulphuric smell. It is usually detectable by smell alone. If you think your water has high concentration of hydrogen sulphide, contact a water testing lab to test your water for contaminants.

When to Call a Plumber

As much as you want to be able to save costs by fixing the problems yourself, there are times when you need professional plumbers to help you deal with the issues.

If your drains are overflowing, this is a sign of a sewage backup, which is a major problem. If not fixed right away, this can cause a lot of major issues.

Conclusion: Why Does My Toilet Smell Like Sewer Gas?

If you need help with finding where the sewer odour is coming from, you can watch the video below.

However, if you are worried about the issue, call your trusted plumber immediately!

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