How to Fix a Toilet That Keeps Running

How to Fix a Toilet That Keeps Running

A running toilet is something that you should fix quickly before you rack up hundreds of dollars in your water bill for water that you did not even use. It is extremely important to know how to fix a toilet that keeps running!

It’s better to get it fixed as soon as you noticed the problem so you can avoid even more catastrophic results if you just let it sit there unattended. It may look like a lot of work, but fixing a running toilet is easier than you might think.

You can complete these steps easily, and it could solve most problems. You only need two tools for this: a hacksaw and a pair of pliers. You may also be required to replace the fill valve, so it is better to have one ready.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Test the Flapper

· Push down the flapper using a stick. Listen to the water running and wait for it to stop.

· If the water stops, this means that the flapper is not sealing properly, so you should replace it.

· Check the length of the fill tube. Make sure that it is at least ½ inch above the water line. If it is not, make sure to cut it.

· Shut off the water supply valve before replacing the flapper.

· To drain the water, flush the toilet. After this, you can now unhook the flapper.

· Make sure that you purchase the flapper of the same type and install it accordingly.

· Connect the flapper chain to the flush lever’s arm

Step 2: Check the Fill Valve for a Leak

· To check for a leak, flush the toilet first.

· When the tank is filling, lift the toilet float arm to check if the water stops.

· Adjust the toilet float arm so that the tank will stop filling with water. Make sure that the water level is only ½ inch to one inch below the top of the overflow pipe.

· Replace the fill valve if it is still leaking.

Step 3: Replace Toilet Fill Valve

· Before you flush the toilet again, shut off the water supply. Remove the remaining water that is still in the tank.

· Completely disconnect the water supply line before unscrewing the fill valve’s locknut. Remove the old fill valve.

Step 4: Install New Fill Valve

· Follow the instructions accordingly when inserting the new fill valve in the tank.

· Shorten the overflow pipe if it is higher than the critical level mark. Make sure that it is one inch lower than the critical level mark on the fill valve.

Step 5: Connect the Fill Tube

· Attach the new fill tube to the fill valve. Shorten it if necessary.

· Attach the angle adapter to the overflow pipe.

· Attach the flapper chain to the flush lever.

· To test it, turn on the water first and flush the toilet.

Conclusion – How to fix a toilet that keeps running

Having basic knowledge of fixing a toilet will be helpful especially if it will take some time for a plumber to arrive at your house.

Instead of wasting your time idling by as your water bill continues to rack up unnecessary charges, maybe you should take a more drastic action by trying to fix the problem yourself. If you are successful with it, then I guess you will not need to call a plumber again if you encounter the same problem in the future.

Being able to do simple home repairs would come a long way. Not only would it help you save money; it will also help you learn a new skill that would be useful especially if your area cannot be reached by maintenance personnel straightaway.

If however, you feel like you need our help, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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